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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Baby Trey Arrives Fashionably Late!

A big San Diego welcome to little Baby Trey!
Although his mom might not agree, better late than never! Fortunately when Trey did decide to come, he showed up quickly.
Never is there a better time to have someone on call like a family member or Baby Planner, who at a moments notice can come over to watch the other children. Someone who can both keep nerves calm and prepare big brothers and sisters for what's about to change in their world.
It was fun to take the girls to the hospital to meet their new baby brother, and get a little snuggle time with mom and dad.
After the hospital the girls and I retreated home for some special non-baby time. It's important to remember that having a baby can be as exhausting to young siblings as it is to mom and dad. The fear of the unknown, fear for mom, excitement, often interrupted sleep and a new felt jealousy for mom and dad's affections. With some extra snuggles and reassurance that they were going to be the best big sisters ever, the nerves and crankiness were calmed and they drifted off quickly to sleep. Just in time for dad to come home and do the same!

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