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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Shower for Baby Dominic

If your youngest is 15 years old when you find out your expecting again, you need a baby shower of mega proportion! It was so much fun taking this seasoned mother of two, to register for baby items she didn't even know existed. Baby products have changed completely in 15 years, and Mommy-to-be was relieved to have a Baby Planner on board! My favorite moment was when she opened her Petunia Pickle Bottom Designer Diaper Bag, and she couldn't believe they made diaper bags so beautiful AND well designed now!

There's something really fun about throwing a baby shower for a 40-something mother, who has not had to think about any parenting skills outside of dealing with teenagers for quite some time. Grandparents, friends and extended family had a great time teasing her about being a Repeat "first-time" Mother.

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