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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Favorite Products for Baby Registry

After finishing a Baby Registry for a client this week, I realized there were a few items that I thought I'd like to share that all parents could appreciate. Here are some of those products:

For your car, the SafeFit Jumbo Mirror back seat auto mirror serves both baby's safety, as well as parent's convenience and peace of mind.

For the outdoors, the JJ Cole Outdoor Water-Resistant Essentials Blanket, because those picnics in the park are never as fun when the grass is wet.

For the house, the Diaper Dekor Plus Disposal System, rated #1 by Consumer Reports because it contained odors well, has a hands-free design and the refills are reasonably priced (monthly cost of about $3).
For Mom and Baby, the Boppy Bare Naked. For Mom, it's the back, shoulder and kneck saver when holding your baby to nurse or bottle feed. For Baby, it makes a secure prop so she can see more than just the ceiling or tummy time with a baby mirror for some baby face interactions. And when she's a little older, it's that little extra security when sitting up sometimes also means tipping over. And the great thing about it being "Naked" is you can by the slip covers to match your decor, and change it when you have your next baby who turns out to be blues instead of pinks.

And last but not least, the Newborn Lounger by Boppy that is specialy made for preemies and newborns. The Newborn Lounger has also been found as a must have for parents with babies who suffer from acid-reflux. It helps the baby to sleep in an incline, relieving some of their symptoms.

For a more extensive list of items to register feel free to contact me anytime for a consultation! I'm a San Diego based Baby Planner, but I love helping mom's anywhere!