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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Bath Tub Safety

In addition to not buying a bath seat, follow these bathtub safety tips:

• Never leave your baby unattended during bath time, even for a second, even when you're just filling the tub with water. (To play it safe, stay within arm's reach of your child when he's around water, wh
ether he's in an adult or toddler tub. If your baby can't sit up on his own yet, alwasy keep a hand on him at bath time, too. Plan ahead. Make sure you have everything on hand before you start the bath. You don't want tohave to scurry for a washcloth or towel while your baby is in the tub. The Aquatopia Safety Bath Time Easy Kneeler: anti-slip pad for your knees and extra padding for your elbows. It has pockets that are perfect for soaps and shampoos, keeping everything you need close at hand.

• When bathing your baby, fill the tub with as little water as possible. Two inches is a good amount.

• Be careful about scalding water. The water should feel warm, not hot. Before you put your baby in the tub, test the temperature with your wrist, elbow, or the back of your hand. Don't rely on a tub with a temperature indicator, such as a drain plug that changes color to indicate too hot or too cold, and just right. If you're using a thermometer with a read-out, baby bath water whould be between 90 and 100 degrees.
Munchkin has a Safety Bath Ducky I like to use, and find very accurate. But again, use your wrist, elbow, or the back of your hand as your main guide.

• If you need to leave the bathroom, take your baby with you. Don't rely on older children to watch the baby for you. If the phone rings, let the answering machine or Voice Mail pick it up. If there's a knock on the door, ignore it. Make that rule as stringent as strapping your baby into her car seat every time you drive.

• When using a baby bathtub in the sink or regular tub, always turn the hot water off first and watch out for hot metal spigots. Get a cover for the bathtub's spout to protect your child from it's heat conducting metal and hard edges. Some covers are soft plastic in the shape of an animal, such as a moose or an elephant. Others are inflatable plastic. Swoosh tub water around with your hand so that any hot spots even out. To play it safe, reduce the setting of your hot-water heater to 120 degrees F. An infant's skin burns much more easily than an adult's.

• Always empty the bathtub immediately after bath time. Babies can drown in as little as one inch of water, and can aspirate any level of water resulting in a "dry drowning".

• When your baby graduates to a regular bathtub, attach rubber strips to the bottom of the tub to prevent slipping.

• Remind caregivers, your spouse, and the baby's grandparents about these safety tips. Better yet, if they're new to bath time, tell them not to give your baby a bath while you're away if that's possible.

The Puj Tub was designed to make bath time quick and easy. The tubs revolutionary design allows you to bathe your infant in any standard bathroom sink.

  • No more leaning over the bathtub stressing your knees, neck, and back.
  • No more lining the bathroom sink with sponges and wet towels
  • No more wondering where you are going to store that awkward plastic bathtub you used to use. The design allows for easy set up, bathing, clean-up, and storage.

Bathing Buddies Baby Shower Sling

Bathing Buddies® shower slings are made from a soft athletic mesh. This fabric is very sturdy and breathable. It's also very easy to dry.

Our pouch style sling is one of the easiest types of slings to use in the bath. Just fold the sling into itself, creating a pouch. Drape over your shoulder like a sash and pop your baby right in! No silly clips, buckles, or rings.

Pouch style slings are suitable for a tiny newborn or a toddler. Bathing Buddies® slings are very versatile slings. They can be used in a variety of carrying positions and in showers, pools, or during hot weather!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Virtual Baby Shower for Shari at Baby Banz

You're invited to a
Virtual Baby Shower
by The Baby Planner

for Shari Murphy
from Baby Banz, Inc.!

June 22nd - 28th

Shari is expecting her 3rd child, but her FIRST baby girl, on August 21st. To celebrate we are throwing her the biggest Baby Shower EVER!! What's even better is that two of Shari’s favorite charities, the March of Dimes and the Ronald McDonald House will get to benefit from this great event that will feature giveaways, door prizes, raffles and donations to both organizations, OH MY!!

The count right now stands at over $3000 in prizes! We will be combining them to make daily winning gift packages and one big prize package for our Grand Prize Raffle Winner on the 28th!

Every single day we will be drawing a name for a Door Prize. The name will be drawn from the people that visit the sponsor and leave comment for that prize. For your initial comments you will need to go to the sponsor sites, and come back and do separate comments for items you like on their site. They will be giving away so much, they definitely deserve it! Additional entries will be available as well.

Each day we will also have raffle tickets available for purchase for special Raffle Prize Packages! During the event, you will be able to purchase raffle tickets to win special prizes from our sponsors. All proceeds from the raffle will benefit the March of Dimes!

The Baby Shower is going to run June 22nd-June 28th. AND, if you put the button up for our Baby Shower at least two weeks prior to the bash starting, you will get an extra entry into any giveaway you enter! You will also get an extra entry for the button being up for the entire Baby Shower week. The button and code is located at the bottom of this post. If you want that extra entry, sign Mr. Linky below, and then remind us with a separate comment for each giveaway you enter during the Baby Shower.

The last event for our Baby Shower is going to be a LIVE Giveaway! The Grand Prize Raffle Winner 's package will be HUGE, as well as the door prize for this last day. How will it be live you ask? The 10,000th commenter wins the last Door Prize Package! Rules for the entries apply, additional entries will be available.

The Grand Prize Raffle will close at midnight on June 28th! A raffle ticket will need to be purchased to enter to win this prize. Proceeds will go directly to the March of Dimes.

More you say? Yes we have more - we will also be announcing the gift package that will be going to support the Kansas City Ronald McDonald House.

All the winners will be announced on Sunday, July 5th!

In the meantime, please visit some of our event sponsors listed on the right margin. Sponsors will be added as The Virtual Baby Shower gets closer!

To join in the fun, grab the event badge below and add it to your side bar. Don’t forget there are extra entries given to those of you who do!

~Grab our Event Badge~

Next, sign the guest book by adding your blog url to Mr. Linky. Every blog linked up here automatically receives an entry into the baby shower grand prize package.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Tis the Season...

...For Recalls!

We all want to bring joy to our children, not safety hazards. Here are a few items that made the list this month. For a complete list of recalls visit CPSC at:

Regal Lager Recall to Replace Phil & Teds Strollers

Regal Lager Inc., of Kennesaw, Ga., is voluntarily recalling 1,600 Phil & Teds Dash Buggy Strollers. The frame handle could fail to latch properly and break, posing a fall hazard to small children.

Xtreme Toy Zone Recalls Toy Dinosaurs

In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), Xtreme Toy Zone, of Los Angeles, Calif., is voluntarily recalling about 480 “Dinosaur Epoch” Toy Dinosaurs. Surface paint on the toy dinosaurs can contain excessive levels of lead, violating the federal lead paint standard.

Evenflo Recalls Majestic™ High Chairs

Evenflo Company Inc., of Miamisburg, Ohio, is voluntarily recalling about 95,000 Evenflo Majestic™ High Chairs. Plastic caps and metal screws on both sides of the high chair can loosen and fall out, posing both fall and choking hazards to children. Plastic caps and screws that become loose and fall out can cause the seatback to suddenly fall back or detach from the high chair. Children can fall out or collide with objects and suffer broken bones, abrasions, cuts and bruises. Detached plastic caps and metal screws also pose a choking hazard to children.

OKK Trading Recalls Toy Army Figures

OKK Trading, of Los Angeles, Calif., is voluntarily recalling about 5,400 Army Figures. Surface paint on the face of the Army figures contains excessive levels of lead, violating the federal lead paint standard.

Munire Recalls “Newport” Cribs and Matching Furniture

In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), Munire Furniture Inc, of Piscataway, N.J., is voluntarily recalling about 3,000 Cribs and 6,000 Matching Furniture Pieces. The red paint which is underneath the black finish paint on some of the cribs and matching furniture exceeds federal lead limits. If ingested by young children lead can cause adverse health effects.

Doll Clothing Sets Recalled by Manhattan Group

Manhattan Group, of Minneapolis, Minn., is voluntarily recalling about 9,200 Groovy Fashions™ Sassy Jammies™ Doll Clothing Sets. Surface paints on the pajama pants contain excessive levels of lead, which violates the federal lead paint standard.

Woodstock Percussion Inc. Toy Drums

Woodstock Percussion Inc., of Shokan, N.Y., is voluntarily recalling about 2,800 Calypso Steel Drums. Surface paint on the recalled toy drums contain excessive levels of lead, violating the federal lead paint standard.

**For a list of The Baby Planners Favorite Products

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Baby Trey Arrives Fashionably Late!

A big San Diego welcome to little Baby Trey!
Although his mom might not agree, better late than never! Fortunately when Trey did decide to come, he showed up quickly.
Never is there a better time to have someone on call like a family member or Baby Planner, who at a moments notice can come over to watch the other children. Someone who can both keep nerves calm and prepare big brothers and sisters for what's about to change in their world.
It was fun to take the girls to the hospital to meet their new baby brother, and get a little snuggle time with mom and dad.
After the hospital the girls and I retreated home for some special non-baby time. It's important to remember that having a baby can be as exhausting to young siblings as it is to mom and dad. The fear of the unknown, fear for mom, excitement, often interrupted sleep and a new felt jealousy for mom and dad's affections. With some extra snuggles and reassurance that they were going to be the best big sisters ever, the nerves and crankiness were calmed and they drifted off quickly to sleep. Just in time for dad to come home and do the same!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Family Photo Christmas Cards

I had the pleasure of shooting the Repetti family photos in November. They loved them so much they decided to make one of them their Christmas card. I found this fun card that matched the picture perfectly. I am such a big fan of family photos for Christmas cards that are fun and playful. Amy said her friends and family all loved their card, and took the photo out of the sleeve to frame. So glad I was able to give them just what they wanted!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Monique's Boutique

I would like to introduce a childs boutique that specilizes in unique, high-quality embellished baby and children's clothing, and matching Mommy coordinates! She uses beautiful appliques and crystals not metal nailheads to create her designs.

Monique hand-creates original items for children in sizes 3-6 months to size 10 on pre-shrunk 100% combed cotton clothing from American Apparel. They are high quality and hold up well when washed regularly, but look their best if you skip the dryer.

This is a Mommy run business that is local to me in San Diego, and Monique is my go-to Momprenuer for cute onsies, or custom personalized baby clothing. The clothes are cute, Monique is a pleasure to buy from, and the options are plenty. Monique's Boutique easily became one of The Baby Planner's WHAM local business favorites!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Baby Planner on the Radio!

I had the great opportunity to be interviewed on the SignOn Radio Show "Family Matters"
with The Union-Tribune's family editor Jane Clifford, who talks about the latest news that affects you and your family.

The interview was a follow up to the newspaper article in the Union Tribune written about Baby Planners and my San Diego based company The Baby Planner.

Take a listen to The Baby Planner's first interview!